Principal Investigator

Katherine Karlsgodt, Ph.D.
Faculty Page
Curriculum Vitae
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Graduate Students 

Danielle Currin
UCLA Clinical Psychology
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Logan Leathem
UCLA Clinical Psychology
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Rachel McKinney
UCLA Clinical Psychology
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Haley Wang
UCLA Clinical Psychology
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Mary Rshtouni
UCLA Clinical Psychology

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Arianna Mordy
UCLA Clinical Psychology

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Dylan Hughes
UCLA Clinical Psychology

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Lab Manager    

Kristen Laulette
Staff Research Associate

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Undergraduate Research Assistants

Abby Dalton

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Alondra Razon

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 Candrha Lopez
Work-Study Student

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Hannah Reiter

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Isabella Wooden

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Jacob Lee

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 Sophie Delta

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Lab Mascots

Henry (left) and Jacob (middle) representing CCNL & UCLA in their gear! Fern (right) dancing with our graduate students!

Lab Alumni

Post-doctoral Scholars
Anita Barber, Ph.D. – Researcher, Feinstein Institute for Medical Research

Catherine Hegarty, Ph.D.  – Senior Technical Manager, Q-Metrx Inc

Visiting Scholars

Dietsje Jolles, Ph.D.- Leiden University

Graduate Students

Pooja Patel, Ph.D. – Post-doctoral Scholar, West Los Angeles VA Medical Center

Research Coordinators
Angelica Bato – iOS Developer at Dow Jones

Jaime Castrellon- Graduate student, Duke University

Melanie Blair– Graduate Student, Queens College

Ashley Moyett– Research Coordinator, Feinstein Institute for Medical Research

Mohan Gupta – Graduate Student, University of California, San Diego

Mary Rshtouni – Graduate Student, University of California, Los Angeles

Elizabeth Riddle
Kaitlyn Hart
Miranda Madrid
Ruby Tow – USC Masters in Education
Nicole Peraica
Melina Manolas
Amanda Cohen
Jordan Deinstag
Taylor Zar
Stephanie Chin
Gulnaz Kiper
Jamie Bruekel
Theresia Dafalias
Molly Patapoff
Claire Waller

Mengtong Pan

Jingxuan Guo

Lauren Kim

Kendal McCarthy – Optometry Student, Southern California School of Optometry

Isabel Aks

Leyla Boyar



Carrie Bearden, Ph.D.
Cindy Yee Bradbury, Ph.D.
Greg Miller, Ph.D.
Keith Neuchterlein, Ph.D.


David Glahn, Ph.D., Yale University/Hartford Hospital
Pamela DeRosse, Ph.D., Feinstein Institute for Medical Research
Todd Lencz, Ph.D., Feinstein Institute for Medical Research
Emily Barclay-Levenson, M.D., Hofstra University
Bart Peters, M.D, Ph.D., VU Medical Center, Netherlands
Deepak Sarpal, M.D., University of Pittsburgh