CCNL’s first graduates, Congratulations Ruby, Kaitlyn, and Miranda (and, Alex & Elizabeth, not pictured)!

Elizabeth representing at Neuroscience Poster Day!


Pooja, Elizabeth, Katie

Miranda and Sophie

Miranda doing a great job at Undergraduate Research Day!


Kaitlyn at it again, this time at Undergraduate Research day (Mengtong, Kaitlyn, Mohan)

Apparently the lab is just going with the one conference outfit now (SOBP 2018, NY) (Katie, Catherine Hegarty)


A great visit with the MEND Team at Zucker Hillside Hospital in NY! (Ashley, Katie, Mel)


Ashley showing off the three giant file cabinets full of MEND data that she has worked so hard to fill up over the last 5 years.


A little different than our usual brains… (Kaitlyn, Alex, Pooja)


Everyone supporting our PURC presenters (Elizabeth, Katie, Alex, Mohan, Molly, Miranda)

Kaitlyn and her great poster at UCLA PURC Conference 2018!


Alex doing an excellent job at the UCLA PURC Conference 2018!

East coast CCNL alum meets west coast CCNl alum! Jaime and Mel at SFN


UCLA visit from Mel!


2017-2018 lab photo: (L-R) Alex, Mohan, Catherine, Katie, Liz, Ruby, Sophie, Pooja, Miranda, and Caitlyn


Welcome to grad school, Sophie and Pooja! Now that you have your brain hats on, you’re ready to go!


2016-17 lab photo: (L-R) Miranda, Katie, Ruby, Jaime, Alex, Jamie, Elizabeth


Jaime and Gulnaz have decided where to go to grad school (Duke and USC), and have the brain hats to prove it! Congratulations!

New UCLA lab finally all set up and ready to go!


Katie is moving to UCLA, Mel is going to grad school at Queens College! (Katie, Anita, Mel, Ashley)



MEND team sendoff as Angela is leaving to go to the Flatiron School to become a developer! (Ashley, Jess, Mel, Angelica, Anita, Katie)

Angela is leaving to go to the Flatiron School to become a developer!


Holiday Party, 2015

Holiday Party, 2015


Feinstein Summer Student Poster Session, 2015 (Nicole, Katie, Taylor, Jordan)



Jordan’s 2015 poster!




Taylor’s 2015 poster!



Nicole’s 2015 poster!



Angelica presenting at SFN 2014, Washington DC



Melanie presenting at SFN 2014, Washington DC



Ashley’s 2014 Feinstein Summer Session poster